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TaskUs | Documentary – Promo


THE ASK: Create a suite of two videos for an upcoming IPO.  One video is to be all stock footage, graphics, and music, approximately 3:00.  A second video is to be a 30:00 documentary-style video, including interviews, Broll, graphics, and music.

THE CHALLENGE: Communicate an international company’s growth and potential in a clear, engaging manner that highlights the accomplishments and the people involved.

Task Us and Bottle Rocket Media

THE SOLUTION: The TaskUs IPO project was an international logistics challenge from the start.  TaskUs has headquarters in Houston, TX, a large campus in the Philippines, and executives on three continents (oh, and we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic).  Nevertheless, we forged ahead, meeting regularly, at unusual times, facilitating zooms as we prepared for an in-person shoot at the height of the pandemic.

The writing process was engaging.  Multiple drafts of the script were created across several weeks of work to crystalize the essence of TaskUs while keeping an eye on the numbers.  After all, the sole purpose of the video is to educate people on why they should invest in the company.

While the script was being created, our production team coordinated principal photography.  This happened in three parts.  

Part one, gather the best storytellers and company executives together and capture them on video.  Over five days, we interviewed nine people in five locations around their Houston Headquarters and captured additional footage to support what they were saying.

Part two, conduct remote interviews with team members around the world.  As a budget-conscious production team doing international remote interviews during the pandemic made perfect sense.  We teamed up with production companies in Ireland and the Philippines to create similar-looking interviews.

Part three, work with the TaskUs Philippines team to capture footage of the operation remotely.  Together, across several days of doc-style filmmaking, we communicated between Chicago, Houston, Manilla, and Dublin to capture stories and footage of their dedicated workforce.

Because of the very organized production, the editorial stage of this project was very straightforward.  

Task Us and Bottle Rocket Media


The videos communicated the value of TaskUs in a dynamic, engaging manner, helping them secure a successful IPO.  The long video went very much in-depth, allowing the viewer to really look under the hood of the organization.  The shorter video became public-facing with a much longer shelf life.  

Working in the IPO space is exciting!  We get to work with and support the journey of top-tier companies as they are about to introduce themselves to the world at large.  Oftentimes these companies have been working hard to scale their business and take this next step.  And that’s where we come in.

With TaskUs, and all our IPO clients, we believe in a soup-to-nuts approach.  We work with the marketing and legal teams to craft a script that will convey the company’s journey, from inception to prediction of future growth.  We work with the key personnel to ensure the facts are correct and the vision is on brand during every phase of the project.  We work with the on-camera talent (typically high-level executives), getting them prepared for their on-camera appearance and understanding their role in the project.

Dan Fisher
Siobhan Summers