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Timpano | Documentary

ASK: Internal branded content project

CHALLENGE: Uncover the perennial challenges that restaurant owners face with the constant struggle of long hours, rising costs, and creative demands of the industry.

SOLUTION: We tasked the chefs with mastering the formidable Italian recipe known as Timpano—a laborious, multi-layered savory pie that demands meticulous attention and an entire day’s dedication. Our cameras captured the chefs delving into their culinary backgrounds while meticulously crafting this iconic dish, documenting every step of the journey from inception to completion.

RESULTS: We effectively captured the intricate parallels between crafting a complex recipe and the daily grind of a chef’s life—highlighting the sacrifices, creativity, precision, endurance, and ultimate satisfaction of presenting the final masterpiece. In this relentless cycle, it starts all over again the next day.

Branded Content
Mark Cwiakala
Dan Fisher