Who’s Excited for Chicago Ideas Week?!

In a couple of days, Chicago Ideas Week kicks off with over 200 global thought leaders taking the stage to share their ideas and personal stories with thousands of people.  At Bottle Rocket Media this got us thinking about how we all have a story to tell and you don’t necessarily need a podium to share it. So in honor of this week-long festival, here’s some thoughts and tips from us about great storytelling.

We All Have a Story To Tell

Yes yes, we’ve heard this a thousand times. It’s over-used, but it is very true. And no matter what medium you’re working within, you have to find the story. Let’s stress the importance of that again… you have to FIND it.  Sometimes it’s right in front of you. Other times you have to take the facts turn them inside out and upside down before you are presented with a story that will cut through the clutter and resonate with your audience.

We’ll never forget the time we were introduced to the beautiful world of Lurpak Butter. This catalog of spots is so stunning and they aren’t really even about the product line of butter. They’re about the adventure you go on when you use it.

And when Evian Water rolled up its sleeves for some branded content, we were gifted with a comical story about the water’s hometown. Seriously, its really funny and who knew Evian had such a dry sense of humor?

The Importance of Pre-Pre… Pre-Production

When it comes to finding that great brand story it’s all about doing your homework. If you don’t put in the lion’s share of the work on the front end of your project, before you even consider putting pen to paper, you will most certainly miss something. Here are some tips we consider necessary when it comes to finding, and telling, the best story for your brand.

Do the research

Starting off your project with a nod to Google is a logical place to start, but it isn’t enough. Dig in and dig in deep. Talk to people, read articles, talk to more people and read even more. Endless articles, books, and subject matter experts are out there waiting to be consulted.

Don’t just research your subject, get to know it

Investing your time can be tricky when you’re on a budget or an accelerated timeline, but an extra 30-minute phone call, meet-up over coffee, or secondary chat with subject matter experts will only bring your idea to the next level. The more insight and information you can gather, the more authenticity you will bring to your story.

Question your answers

When considering your story don’t take every answer at face value. If you are conducting an interview be sure to probe for more detailed answers. If you are doing research be sure to follow up with the source. Anyway you slice it, there is always more to learn about a subject.

Get buy-in upfront

When collaborating on a brand story, always confirm your ideas before you advance to the next phase of the project.  The tone, style, and point of view in your head need to be communicated to the brand experts in order to confirm the project is moving in the right direction.

So there you have it.  A few reminders to help you get started with your next big story. Go to Chicago Ideas Week.  And if you are looking for a team to tell your story reach out to Bottle Rocket Media for all of your video production services needs. We’d love to hear from you!