We know that it took a while before you were on board with the importance of incorporating video into your marketing, but now you get it. More than ever you are seeing the number of sponsored ads popping up on your social media timelines, and as you continue to grow your professional network on Linkedin, you are seeing more articles being posted, more resources, and even more videos. And now you want to be a part of it too!  Welcome to the twenty-first century.  We are glad you made it here safely.

By now it should be pretty obvious that the favorable approach to selling these days is more about providing information, tools, direction, and understanding.  It’s the reason inbound content marketing has become such a valuable way to go.  And everybody wants in,  but the resounding question is often – HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Bottle Rocket Media is here to share some tips on content marketing and creating what we believe is an efficient method to communicate your brand messaging in a creative, compelling, and fascinating way, through motion graphics video!

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are defined as animation, with added elements of sound, voiceovers, and on occasion text. Motion graphic videos provide a highly visual way to deliver your brand message or story. Usually displayed through electronic media technology, motion graphics create the illusion of motion or rotation by moving the graphic elements in space over time. They can be expressed through animated images, kinetic text, or both, and are usually paired with audio for use in various projects. They are extensively used to create advertisements, title sequences, credits, movies, and more!

Motion graphics are widely used by brands and marketers across the globe to demonstrate many topics from – how a company functions to promoting new campaigns. Motion graphics have the ability to elucidate viewers on social issues, and is a creative approach to launching a new product or service! The motion graphics industry is enjoying unprecedented success because of the ways in which messaging can be delivered quickly and cohesively. As we all know this is ideal for today’s social media users who lack attention span and time for those lengthy videos.

Advantages of Motion Graphics

  • Low-cost and highly affordable
  • Multi-Platform compatibility
  • Endless possibilities
  • Engages your audience
  • Suitable for all advertising needs
  • Perfect for explaining abstract concepts

Software For Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is essentially a form of art that requires not just foresight and vision, but also good software. The following programs are popular for making motion designs.

  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • Mocha AE
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Trapcode Suite

Types of Motion Graphics Videos

  • Corporate and Explainer Videos – Communicate your brand or product exactly with motion graphics. Videos make an impact on your audience by supporting your message with clear and vibrant communication. 
  • TV & Web – Graphic design at its best. With motion design, you can communicate your message in the most creative way so you don’t have to spend all your resources on intricate productions. 
  • Openings and Titles – The first impression matters! With motion graphic design you can create unique and compelling opening titles for films, series, or documentaries. Lead with a great opening and title as a preface to the great content to follow. 

How To Create Motion Graphics

Many components go into making motion graphics. Careful consideration must be given to each of them for the desired outcome. Check out the steps below:

1. Write a script that narrates the story well

The first step in making a motion graphics video is writing a story. You will need a script providing dialogue or story direction even though motion graphics are usually short. 

To find a story worthy of telling, you need to have answers to the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the purpose of the motion graphics video?
  • What do you want the audience to derive from the experience?

The beauty of motion graphics lies in the fact that you get to tell your story in multiple ways. Motion graphics facilitate movement, sound, and various other important tools to get your point across. When you have concrete answers to the above questions, you will provide a blueprint of what your video will look and sound like. 

2. Create a storyboard

Once you have finalized your script, you can move to the storyboard phase. This is where you get the first glimpse of the final product and what it will eventually look like. This stage requires a proper consonance between the design and production team members. A good storyboard not only showcases artistic skills but also possesses the ability to visualize the end product. 

3. Translate the storyboard into design

Everything you design at this stage will be incorporated into the final animation. So, it’s time to be extra diligent and get all the details right. Careful consideration must be given to the style and color as it reflects on the brand and your ultimate goal. Have your production team review the visual notes before handing them over to the animation department for the final cut. 

4. Animate the final designs

This is the last phase of making the motion graphics where everything merges to form the final product. The style, pacing, music, and sound effects are crucial elements as they add value to the brand and help you remain true to the product. 

Content Marketing & Motion Graphic Videos

This is the fun part! The motion graphic footage you have in video form needs to be shared. The messaging you have to appeal to your audience is awaiting its debut.

Take note of the step-by-step process to get your videos out there the right way! Remember too, the videos shared are messages coming from your brand, so treat them as such. When shared, give an intro. Help viewers understand what to expect and what value you are providing within the video  – content marketing is all about providing value to your audience!

In the cut-throat business world where everybody is fighting to make their presence felt, motion graphics can help you to uniquely establish your brand. 92% of a shopper’s purchasing decision is influenced by online videos, and with YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, motion graphics are perfect for capturing viewers’ attention immediately and evoking emotional resonance. No wonder why motion graphics have been deployed by companies in every industry right now for their accessible and comprehensive mode of storytelling. 

When you are ready to create a motion graphic production video connect with a team that knows all things video. Everything from telling a great story to the latest technology. From concept to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and how we differ because of our Rocket Sauce, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!