During the era of social media, in the world of everlasting content on the internet, we can all agree that image really is everything (thank you Andre Agassi)! And when you commit to delivering a unique brand message through video, the last thing you need to worry about is reading unfavorable comments about your double chin, or going viral because the audience was distracted by your whacked out hair. No one will remember your brand, but they will surely name your pimple – definitely not the goal of any video!

Covid-19, more than before, has shined a light on the importance of why you always want lighting, hair and makeup for any video shoot.

We’ve all seen it, the major pivots large corporations and networks have had to take because of the stay-at-home order in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Newscasters are broadcasting from their homes, television hosts, like Jimmy Fallon are no longer in studios, but in their kitchens with their kids alongside them on live television.

Graciously, there is appreciation in knowing our favorite shows can continue during this time, but we must admit there have been some, er… major setbacks when it comes to how all our favorite celebs are looking on camera.

To put it plainly, if you didn’t notice quality lighting and talented glam squads before the pandemic you absolutely miss ‘em now that they’re gone!

1. Why is lighting so important?

Many people don’t realize that everything we do in video production revolves around light. We’ll skip the filmmaking 101 lesson, but remember quality imagery begins with good lighting. Case in point, have you seen yourself on Zoom when the lighting is terrible? Yeah, us too, and it’s not a pretty sight!

When working with professionals they know the specifics of lighting to get any person, celebrity or not, through a shoot without breaking a sweat (…well maybe a little sweat under the hot lights). The right light is often chosen like a painter would choose the right brush – the type of light, color, angle, distance, height. It all factors into what is considered a well-lit subject. And let’s be real, most people don’t know and many don’t care (and that includes the talented people on camera!)… until it’s gone.

To mitigate sweat breaking, and power consumption, perhaps you’d prefer lighting options that pull less power and produce less heat. If so, you may want to choose LED or RGB lighting options. Our friends at Magnanimous Rentals in Chicago review the assembly and basic operation of several RGB options in their blog post RGB Lighting Adds Color to the Movie Palette’.

The Boston Globe rated a handful of people making their online video premiere during the stay-at-home order. Easily, you can see who gets it, and sadly, who doesn’t!

2. Makeup or Not?!

If you haven’t noticed, screenshots are being captured left and right. Videos are being shared on social media timelines everywhere. We know that during this period of social distancing and broadcasting from home, often alone, we are forced to our own devices. The question for you is, when we finally are allowed to leave the house do you want to be ready for your cameo or not? Just know being prepared and having a quality makeup artist assist you will have you looking like you need to be on a magazine cover. The confidence implemented when you illuminate your best features, you know the ones you’re most proud of, will get you into your #forevermood! That mood where you become the new age model you’ve always known you could be.

Since the lighting crew will surely make you sweat it is always preferable for a makeup artist to start you off on the right foot, and keep you there for the remainder of the day. Let’s face it, making videos takes time. Nobody looks the same at 6pm as they did six hours earlier. It’s important to enhance your look with makeup and know with a makeup artist onsite you will have someone tending to your best look all day long.

Take a look at the ladies from the talk show, The Talk. They got the memo – makeup on deck, even from home!

3. Is a hair stylist really necessary?

Now, as we have conquered lighting and make-up, tell me do you think a hair stylist is necessary? The Atlantic offered some enlightenment. Simply put, do you want a comparable image like the one below with 15.1 million views plastered all over the world wide web of you and your hair looking like an unforgettable style, and not in a good way. If you’re one of the funniest people in the world, like Will Ferrell, this hairdo may work for you, but for the rest of us, this look is not getting us to our next paycheck.

In the end, your brand message should always be the focal point of any video you make. Looking your best doesn’t have to mean overdoing it with makeup or hair styling. It simply means that your appearance does not distract from what you are saying. Like many aspects of filmmaking it is often the case that if you don’t notice a technique it is being done correctly. That is very different than not doing it at all.


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