Product videos can increase sales while helping viewers understand what your brand is about

Product videos give customers a close look at what your company is selling, which translates into big boosts in sales for retailers. These videos showcase your products in various ways, helping your audience understand why they should want to buy from your brand. This can drive sales and foster a closer connection with their consumers. Here’s why your company should be investing in product videos right now.

Video Can Boost Your Sales

Making a product video can help your company as much as it helps your customer. Online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos has seen huge growth since they started using videos to make their customers feel more secure about buying products they can’t touch or try on. The brand has found it sells between 6 and 30% more of an item when there’s a product description video to go with it, according to a Business Insider report. In fact, people who watch a product video are 64-85% more likely to buy an item, according to EduBirdie.

Telling a Story With Product Videos

There are many ways you can show off everything your product can do for your customer in a video. Some product videos showcase features; others will tell a story.

The above clip for American Girl followed girls as they learned about the doll company’s Truly Me feature, which lets them create custom clothing for their American Girl dolls. The girls experimented with Truly Me, giving video viewers a chance to see how the feature works and how much joy it can bring to children. Then there are “how-to” videos, like the one project Bottle Rocket Media did to highlight the easy-to-use features of a new Danze faucet. See below.

These videos show people how to use a new product while highlighting the product’s key selling points. Products can also feature testimonials from previous happy customers while displaying the merchandise, showing new viewers why they should be interested in a product.

Why 360 Video Can Make Your Product Videos Pop Out

A 360-degree video offers customers the most immersive way to view your product and brand’s story from every angle. In general, 360-degree videos receive more interactions, including shares on social media that can help you find more customers. They also have a higher view-through rate than standard, “flat” videos, keeping customers interested in what you’re selling. 360 videos allow your audience to fall in love with your merchandise, buy a product and connect with your brand. Common hang-ups to buying online stem from an inability to examine a product from every angle or surprise—and disappointment—when their purchase arrives and doesn’t meet their expectations. 360-degree video is as close to handling or trying something on for yourself.

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