Life has certainly changed in 2020, no denying this fact! Due to COVID-19 and the implementation of safety precautions, virtual events have become the new wave of entertainment, information, and marketing. No matter your readiness to embark on the virtual event train or not, it is heading in your direction, and you mustn’t be like a deer in headlights when it comes!

We get asked all the time by our clients and now even strangers, how do I produce a good virtual event AND can you help? Sure we can! Considering we have all had to adjust to such unpredictable times we are eager to assist in lessening your worries!

Read on for some points as we cover what a virtual event is, things to consider as you decide to plan a virtual event, and how to create great video content for your virtual event!

What Is A Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a scheduled time in which attendees come together to share an experience, but are not in the same physical space. It is an online occasion where individuals have access to the same information, typically in a live setting with pre-recorded content, where many elements come together to create the whole event – content, conversation, and or entertainment. 

As I’m sure you have noticed, virtual events are increasingly on the rise, and getting better by the day, not just because of COVID, but because the guidelines of attendee capacity is no longer a real issue and a virtual event can encompass just as many or as few components as you would like in comparison to an in-person event. Check out some of the best virtual events of 2020.

Let’s consider what made them “the best.”.

1. Entertainment – There is no reason to lose the entertainment aspect while having a virtual event.  Although the party may not be on a dance floor you can still have a band playing. You can still have a DJ. You can still have a magician. You can still create an entertaining and engaging experience, and you can do it with pre-recorded or live video footage. Virtual events benefit even more from the excitement and distraction of entertainment, as these days attendees often have to stare at a screen regularly to do their job (there is no shortage of video chats these days).  Something entertaining and “out of the box” will encourage your attendees to really pay attention.

2. Information – Like an onsite event, no matter the industry, it is typical to have some type of information delivered. Think about it, pretty much every option that is available to you for an in-person event is available for a virtual event. You can still have featured speakers. You can still have an explainer video. You can still have focused and compelling messaging, but now my virtual event production friends, this content is best delivered through video footage. So get to creating it!

3. Activity for engagement – It’s obvious there will be no in-person conversations taking place, but there is a great opportunity to utilize the communication tools video platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and many others) have initiated. You can text chat. You can create breakout rooms with activities or a planned Q&A. You can even allow polls so attendees can engage easily in real-time and provide data to you to use post-event. These alternative opportunities are fun to play with and are geared towards providing a memorable experience that is ideal for you and your audience!

What Are The Hiccups To Anticipate In Planning a Virtual Event?

Preparation is everything to help in lessening your stress while also ensuring you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Make sure to consider the following as you plan for your virtual event.

For starters – schedule a few tech runs prior to the event date so if needed, you can make the necessary changes to create a more streamlined event. 

Ask yourself 3 Questions Before Producing A Virtual Event Video.

Video Content – just like with an in-person event, make sure to have a realistic outline, script, and plan of attack for the messaging to be shared in a visually appealing way. Video is the best way to limit “talking heads” where boredom can easily strike your attendees and the likelihood of them running away (clicking exit)from your event could ensue. Tackle the video content with finesse. Make the footage short and plant video content at different times throughout the event. 

Bottler Rocket Media (BRM) Tip: Connect with a video production company to produce the content, help to set up a remote video production team, and can even help with breaking down your desired message in the best way possible. 

Sound and video quality – We all can agree, sound and video quality is of great importance when hosting a live virtual event experience. Yes, things could easily fall through the cracks and mistakes can occur, but your audience has to be able to see and hear you clearly!. We have all witnessed an individual with less than quality internet being interviewed on camera and they are breaking up or their image looks super pixelated. Test that ahead of time. Hire professionals to help and eliminate some of that issue with having more pre-recorded high-quality video content. 

Virtual event experiences are here to stay indefinitely, but we are here to help you release your stress balls, get you excited and well-purposed to deliver great messaging and fun content as you host your virtual event experience. 

From conception to delivery, we love this stuff and we are all about helping you with the virtual event video production process you are ready to embark on. We do it all – motion design, remote video capture, editing, voice-over recording, and more! To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and what we can do for your virtual event video, give us more info on what you are thinking here.