When it comes time to put together a fresh brand video, you’ll need to choose the right production team for the job. Not always an easy task. In today’s digital marketplace there are more options than ever before – from supersized outfits to small, agile boutiques. As far as Chicago’s Bottle Rocket Media is concerned, making a final decision requires factoring in “much more” than cost.

After years of directing and producing a stream of videos, Bottle Rocket Media founder Dan Fisher has come to understand what many clients are looking for: “No question–making a video requires a real commitment from the brand,” he says. “Which is why bringing the right team on board should ease all your concerns–creatively, logistically, and technically. The director and his/her team should be able to guide the entire process.”

Unfortunately, according to Fisher, too many brands make the misstep of choosing a video production team based on budget alone.  “Either they simply look for the cheapest or falsely associate highest cost with maximum value. Both paths often lead to disappointment, as there is so much more to consider.”

Here’s a brief rundown of THREE Bottle Rocket Media-approved criteria you may want to consider on your journey to finding the right video partner:


Yes, experience counts. A production team that has a good amount of years together, versus one with only a few under its belt, is much more likely to have developed effective, proven strategies. However, it’s the right kind of experience you should be most concerned about. For example are you interested in action shots or static interviews? 3D Graphics or a spokesperson speaking to the camera? Drones? 3D graphics? VR? See where this is going…?

Start your search by looking for the portfolio that most closely aligns with your vision. While online reels can be found on most video production sites, don’t be afraid to scour Vimeo, and YouTube, which can also provide unexpected inspiration.


Does your brand have a sense of humor? Is its voice serious? Do want your video to offer a corporate feel, or carry a mom & pop vibe? In any case, it’s always vital that the personality of the production partner be fitting of the project at hand. After all, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your X-Box, would you?

Even after scanning a production company’s portfolio, combing through its online content, and reading up on its latest blogs and posts, you can never truly get a sense of a team until you speak at length about the project at hand – whether it’s in person, by Skype, or on the phone. As Fisher adds, “Chemistry is the one element that can make or break the whole thing. When you hire a video team you should be so comfortable with the relationship that you go to sleep smiling because you know everything will be done properly.”


Asking for references is such an easy step that so many take for granted. Any good production team should be able to offer a list of satisfied-to-overjoyed clients, even if they’ve only been operating a short period of time. Sure the portfolio may speak to the soul of your brand, but there is so much more to know about individuals on a team. Tapping past clients is a great way to get the most honest information possible before signing the deal.

So, don’t just get references. CALL THEM! Ask questions regarding their experiences and outcomes. Find out if they’d work with the director again, and if everyone got on well.

Fisher concludes: “In the perfect situation, a client can rest in the fact that the heavy lifting will be done by a team they trust. It is the ideal environment for any project, and certainly integral to the Bottle Rocket Media philosophy.”

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