Why the internet’s favorite looping video clips are awesome for promoting your business

A gif is an animated image—think video, but shorter and without the player. You can share a gif almost anywhere you can share a picture, making it ideal for companies looking to build up their presence online. Since gifs are made from videos, any video your company creates can work twice as hard for you if you share it in video AND gif form.

People LOVE Gifs

Every day more than 100 million people use Giphy, an online database of gifs, to search for the perfect animation, according to Forbes. They’re so beloved that people who use gifs even get more responses on dating apps like Tinder—and brands get a higher response rate when including them in emails or in social media posts.

How Gifs Are Made

Most gifs are made by clipping a small section of a video, so if your company already has a  video in the works, include a plan to make and share gifs on your social media channels. You can turn that into one or several gifs to make your message even more shareable.

How You Can Use Gifs

Gifs are ideal for sharing in places where people are often short on time, space, and attention—like in emails or on social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. Gifs have proven wildly popular (and profitable) in email newsletters: Computer company Dell led an email advertising campaign where it featured gifs of its products and saw its revenue increase by 109 percent, according to a case study.

Gifs are also a powerful tool on social networks, where companies need something that can catch a fan’s eye while they’re scrolling through their feed. Starbucks recently created 21 gifs highlighting its Frappuccino so customers could share the gifs on social media, expanding the coffee company’s reach organically.

Why Gifs Are Awesome for Business

There are so many reasons why videos are a powerful tool for businesses, from showcasing your products to recruiting top talent. Gifs can help support the work those videos are doing. They can bring people to your video by making them want to see more, or they can do complementary duties, like show someone in an instant how mouth-watering your bakery’s cookies are.

Here’s an example from Bottle Rocket Media’s video for Carol’s Cookies.

Gifs like these don’t just make you want a cookie—they make you want to see who’s making such a delicious, gooey cookie and how you can grab that exact one.

There are so many ways videos can enhance your business profile, and a well-produced video also pays dividends in gifs. A smart video production company will do double duty with a great video that’s infinitely gif-able. Bottle Rocket Media can help. Get in touch with us today!