Before we begin — did you know, the online live streaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 to April 2020? Just imagine the growth now!

I’m certain we can all agree the pandemic has thrust us into a new reality in which secondary MVPs became virtual platforms supporting real-time connections. Because of the grandiose structure of technology, the new era of entertainment no longer includes leaving your home to enjoy an event. Now, more than ever, not only have virtual events become a common way to entertain, live streaming events is something companies, brands and entrepreneurs alike are taking upon themselves to coordinate. So when you set your heart on taking the steps to host your own live stream event, here are some things you might want to add to your list of things to do!

Decide on your event type

What are your goals? 

Here you are with the world as your oyster. Whether you are on a mission to build brand awareness, to promote a product or service, or you just simply want to offer your audience an opportunity to be engaged and entertained, knowing your messaging goals will assist in determining what type of live streaming event you would like to host. 

Follow along for event type ideas:

Webinar Style  – Set up a presentation-style event with slides, a host(s), and a chat room where your audience can engage and ask questions. 

Q&A – Set up a panel-style event with a host fielding questions from a chat room (Quick tip: have a planned set of questions and conversations that will fill the time while you await audience engagement). 

Concert Style – Most of us enjoy musical entertainment. Maybe you can have an exclusive concert for loyal customers or clients. Get a DJ. Plan to set up a stage with a lineup of artists, allowing the audience music to jam to from the comfort of their own homes. 

Live Promo – There’s a reason QVC and HSN have been on the air for decades. If you have a product or service to promote, consider replicating this model. You could have models, include live customer testimonials and a 360-degree experience of your product or service. 

Behind-the-Scenes – Show your loyal following the inside of your business. Give a tour of your office. Show the manufacturing process of your product, or maybe simply express the story of your business from a never-before-seen location related to your company.  

Live influencer conversations – Influencers are in every industry and their following typically want to hear them speak which means you can create some buzz around your brand by connecting with influencers in your field. So why not host an evening with an influencer? Talk to your selected influencers and watch as your audience grows.

Host a virtual conference and live stream it – It could be small or large, but these days virtual conferences can include just about anything you desire. Have speakers, breakout rooms, host classes, or live conversations. There’s an open world of possibilities here, but just make sure you have the capacity and staff bandwidth to plan and execute your vision. 

Pick a platform to live stream your event

There is no shortage of live-streaming platforms to choose from these days!

You get to choose what fits your chosen event type and your target audience. Just remember, you want to make this easy for you and your audience. No need to overextend yourself or take people too far out of their comfort zones. Meet your audience where they are. Here are some of our chosen platforms.

YouTubeAs the second largest search engine behind Google, this is a highly suggested place to host your live streaming event. With an existing YouTube account, you can set up your live stream event with a click of a button. 

Facebook – If you already have a following here, login to your account, set up your mobile device, and watch as your attendee count increases with every friend or follower that joins your live stream event. 

Instagram – Similar to Facebook, you can easily live stream from Instagram and immediately your followers will be notified. You can even invite others to your live stream, this is perfect for an influencer conversation. With a split-screen, followers from participating profiles will be notified of the live stream occurrence. Easy peasy. 

Zoom – Practically everyone around the globe is familiar with Zoom. The platform’s capabilities span from webinar or meeting mode allowing you to be able to customize the experience for attendees a bit based on your event type. 

BlueJeans – With an option to have up to 50,000 attendees, this platform is ideal for larger-scale live stream conferences, trainings, panels, and webinars.

Get the equipment you need

Live streaming an event is a whole different beast to tackle, and with higher expectations. There is no room for errors. No time to make edits or adjustments.  So as you prepare for your live stream event please consider the various equipment you may need. Quality counts a great deal when it comes to maintaining an audience throughout your full live stream experience. Minimize the possibility of connection or sound issues, and always troubleshoot beforehand. 

Depending on the event type and scale, there is a variety of equipment you may need but the basic list below could be helpful just so you don’t miss something imperative. 

  • Recording source (video camera, action camera, webcam, DSLR camera, camcorder)
  • Audio source (built in microphone, usb microphone, XLR microphone)
  • Lighting (LED light, light stand)
  • Streaming equipment (computer, high speed high quality internet connection – test your wifi prior to depending on it too by using Internet Speed Test)

Don’t forget about talent and visual 

Make sure to prevent terrible camera angles or visual headaches. These are the things that people see, remember, and talk about. Be sure to consider the type of talent you want, their best angles, and of course lighting needed. Stand out positively and look incredibly professional while doing it. You can have plenty of fun with your live stream event. It’s all about coordinating, planning, and executing on your vision. Don’t forget to hire the professionals that know what it takes to carry out an unforgettable and positive live stream event experience. Hire a team that elevates your brand with skill, quality, and creativity. From event video production, video production services, or motion graphics services, Bottle Rocket Media loves all things video.