Video stats are hard to ignore these days. Video plays an integral role in our lives and this will not be ending anytime soon.  Marketing strategies that do not incorporate video are missing out on a real opportunity to connect to an audience. Viewers and buyers alike want to see more. According to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video from a brand or business they support. This means consumers want to share in your brand experience. Video is the best way to generate the buzz you desire for brand awareness. So, your video should make an impact. One that cuts through the clutter, and one that is undeniable. 

Your Video Should Make An Impact

We’ve all seen the videos that somehow make you sob or the video that requires you to sit back in amusement, or the videos that cause you to go down an endless rabbit hole of watching more from that creator or brand. There are videos that leave you with a true sense of satisfaction, and videos that trigger you to desire more or purchase…more. The point is…these are the videos that make an impact, and friends, your video should make an impact too.

How To Make A Compelling Video

1. Have A Plan

We all know having a distinct understanding of your purpose and plan is essential. Doing the same for your video content is no different. Your purpose and plan will help you to create and determine exactly what is needed. This is the perfect time to consider who your target audience is and what would be the most effective way to gain their attention. Think about the persona of your target audience and how to convey your message in a visual way that would be appealing to them.

2. Consider Your Story

Life is about storytelling,” says Meghan Markle. Every brand differentiates itself by its story so make sure to tell the story that is unique to you. Tell the story of your founder, your brand, product, or organization, and connect your audience to who you are.

3. Make Your Video Engaging

There are trends and gimmicks that can be used when thinking about how to make your video engaging. The most important facet to remember is authenticity and technique. There are video techniques known by professional video production teams that can illuminate messaging, whether it is camera angles, lighting, motion graphics, talent, and audio, there are various components that can create a lasting impression and impact. 

4. Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

The first piece of content shared needs to grab the attention of your audience. Make the still of your video enticing. If there is text, make sure it is captivating. If there is a voice, ensure the voice will resonate with your audience. If there is music playing in the background of your video, make sure the tune appeals to your audience. We all know there is so much content to select from. Your effort of grabbing the attention of your audience should always be your main priority and goal.

5. Keep Your Video Short

Your video has an important purpose, whether it be brand awareness, engagement, or conversions.  In order to reach your goals, your audience must be satisfied with your video content enough to even watch it through. When making your video content, remember TikTok’s 15-second videos are popular for a reason. Instagram’s 30-second reels and 1-minute stories are easily viewable and captivating because of many reasons, but mostly because of time, and efficiency. Keep your videos short and efficient with a clear purpose.

Creative energy is needed when you make a decision to produce an impactful video. It’s not meant to be difficult, but unique. It’s not meant to be boring, but exceptionally fun. An impactful video will create a surge of emotions, and a surge of actions for your target audience, and you get to choose what it is that would work best with your video viewers. Worry less, trust more, and remember your video should make an impact. 

When you find trust and talent in your video production team, you are primed to make magic happen. 

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