“Extra, Extra, read all about it!” Does this phrase ring a bell? Odds are the answer is yes. This sensationalized “promo” originated from an “extra” copy of news that arrived too late for the regular edition.

In modern times this extra section is being adopted by the world of digital media marketing in the form of high impact content like banner ads, boosted Facebook posts, and promo videos.

Know Your Platforms

Before you go lights, camera, action, it’s very important to understand the differences between each platform. This will ensure that your video is compatible for your intended audiences and channel. Could you imagine an infomercial length video in the form of a Snapchat ad? Yeah, no bueno.

To avoid posting the right content to the wrong platform, we suggest you identify which channels your target demographic is most active on. Then take note of the average attention spans of people on that channel. This will help you determine what video length is best for that audience. Not sure where to start? Check out our post on optimizing your videos for social media.

Selecting the wrong video length for your audience and platform could be similar to wearing stripes and plaid together–they just clash. A video should first be engaging. If people don’t get roped in within the first few seconds, they won’t watch it til the end.


Every brand has a story. It’s time to tell it through the dynamic lens of video marketing. Promo videos vary in length but are typically around 30 seconds to two minutes in length.

Promos are often saturated with content that points to subtle cues drawing attention to things such as brand identity, values, and initiatives. Your audience will subconsciously connect with your brand if they can relate to a situation or person tied to the brand that evokes an emotional reaction. In short, audiences connect with people and stories, and eventually the brands they are tied to.

Brand Identity

Ask yourself: What are we really trying to establish with a promo video? In many cases, promos are great for positioning your brand identity (FYI: it’s more than just a logo on a shirt!). Your brand identity should be able to not only tell a story but also connect with viewers on an emotional level. Kind of like Rom Coms.

People want to do business with someone they know, like, and trust. There is a living breathing story hiding behind your corporate logo–and it’s about time your brand starts repping it! Remember, your audience wants to connect with a person (naturally) or a situation rather than an image or article. This is what humanizes your brand.

Ease of Use

How can you compete with short attention spans, busy schedules, and thousands of other distractions? Reading things takes effort. For a lot of people, it can be too much of a burden.

Video allows the audience to be lazy and simply absorb your message. Moreover, video offers the perfect platform to blend brand personality into one short clip. Your viewers are much more likely to remember, respond, and share videos over written content.

Quality Cares!

If your video quality is subpar or just janky (yeah, we said it), count on your audience scrolling right past your content. Trust us, the internet can be cruel—production value is important. As with any marketing, you want to set yourself apart from the competition.

The Bottle Rocket team can help you create an engaging promo that makes your audience stop scrolling and pay attention. Not exactly sure what you need? Check out some promo videos we produced for inspiration. Let’s get started on your promo vid journey!