Technology advances at breakneck speeds. Video is no exception. We talk about this all the time. And for fear of sounding redundant – video, especially 360 video content, has the power to bring you to a different place, transport you to places you’ve likely not been.  We are going to continue shouting this from the rooftops, so in the meantime, check out some riveting examples of how some brands are using 360 video advertising to take their customers places they might otherwise never go.

Giving back is something we are passionate about here in the office, and we were touched by this powerful AT&T + TOMS video. As we experience this video, we’re virtually in Colombia. We hear kids playing as if they’re running around us; it seems like we’re riding with them on a bike-taxi to school. This experience takes 360 video ads to a whole new level. We truly feel like we’re there, watching and feeling the impact of TOMS’ mission play out in front of us. No white paper or blog can evoke that kind of emotion.

In need of a vacay? Watch how Expedia transports you from the outback of Australia to the Bunda Cliffs. You can practically feel the ocean mist on your face. We will wait while you wipe the sand from your eyes. Got your passport ready?

Where can 360 video content take you? The sky’s the limit, er, is it outer space? NASA is trying to take you to a VERY close replica of the surface of Mars, there is no doubt we will have a real 360 of the planet’s surface soon. Ever wanted to be on the set of Star Wars? Now you can.

So, you’re a sports fanatic, huh? How would you like to sit courtside?  In our City Slam 360 video, we do you one better and put you under the net.  Even the Olympic Games upgraded this year to broadcast over 50 hours of competition in Virtual Reality (Brett thought he deserved a gold medal because the experience was just so real!).

Yes, we are a 360 video production company, but we aren’t the only ones geeking out about it, there are stats to back us up! 360 video content advertising is 31% more effective connecting with audiences of charity brands. 98% of Americans think 360 video content is ‘more exciting’ than other forms of video. Don’t even get us started on the tried and true click-through-rate comparisons, VR 360 video content is much more effective in keeping the audience’s attention.

The immersive 360 video advertising experience plays a heavy hand in captivating storytelling allowing you to produce experiences – essentially making you a travel agent, an event planner, and an adventure instigator.

So, the only real question is, where are we going to take your audience? Contact Bottle Rocket Media and we’ll help you transport your viewers wherever you please.