If you’re like us, you make videos; everyday, all day long. But what do you do when your planned six month long video campaign gets shelved indefinitely? Or your web series gets halted in the middle of production? Turning to post production during Covid-19 can help save your video campaign.

The magic of post production is often overshadowed by the allure of the production scene – Cameras, lights, microphones… ACTION!

But when you peel back the layers of video storytelling you will find a world of resources that will allow you to keep delivering your message without leaving your Coronavirus bunker.

Here are a few great ways to continue making movie magic by turning to post production during Covid-19.

1. Stock Footage

Gone are the days of swimsuit models in white lab coats being passed off as medical footage. In case you haven’t been paying attention, over the last five years the quality and the quantity of great stock footage libraries has grown considerably.

The Old Ways Versus The New Way

The general sites, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, Dissolve, or Filmpac have stepped up their games, for sure, by constantly updating their libraries with more high quality material. But also, if you dig a little deeper you will find pre-made collections geared around topics like diversity or Baby Boomers. The opportunities to create visual stories are endless.

2. Stock Music

Some days I think there are more stock music libraries than there are musicians. It is really amazing what you can find if you are willing to spend a little time hunting down the “perfect” track.  Talented musicians making music, all over the world.  That’s the landscape the digital age has provided for us music consumers.

You can find soundalikes, such as this one reminiscent of Coldplay, from Universal Production Music. You can find obscure culturally motivated tracks like this unique interpretation of Tchaikovsky. Or you can simply type in “Rock” and party all weekend long.

Bottle Rocket Media Music

Good sites will allow you to narrow down your search using keywords or tags. Great sites will provide you with stems, individual instruments of a song isolated for easy editing.

And let the stock professionals give you a hand. Most stock sites offer real live representatives who will assist you on your searches. Utilize this. The libraries are vast and the process can be overwhelming, especially when you are on a tight timeline.

3. Motion Graphics

Stock motion graphics are a resource, but good luck finding the fonts and an animated style that matches your brand.

At Bottle Rocket Media we believe that custom motion graphics is the best way to get these stock products to conform to your brand attitude and deliver your brand message. Look at how we combined stock footage with custom graphics in this company video for Drivin.

When considering all the reasons motion graphic videos are awesome, any day of the week, you should really read our last blog, pre Covid-19 – 5 REASONS YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO BE CREATING MOTION GRAPHICS VIDEOS.

But if you don’t want to read it, here’s what it says. Motion graphics videos are awesome!  They are a great mechanism for:

  • Communicating information, complex or otherwise
  • Increasing brand awareness in a unique way
  • Communicate in multiple languages
  • Deliver a message without audio
  • Give you unlimited creativity

4. Customized Voice Over

The digital age has arrived and with it came online alcohol delivery, the ability for major corporations to work from home during a crisis, and remote voiceover recording.

Recording custom voiceover is easier than ever with operators like Voices.com. Just like any other service online, you can order up a voiceover session at the click of a button.

Every professional VO artist has a home recording studio and every professional VO artist is connected to the world wide web. And, bonus, you can direct and record the session over the phone! You no longer need to break those pesky social distancing rules by cramming together into a tiny sound proof booth.

5. Hiring a Post Production Team that knows their stuff

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Invest in a post production team whose videos impress you. Check out their work. Talk to them, ask questions. The right team will understand your vision and maybe even take it to places you never dreamed.

You are marketing experts and advertising giants. You are great at your job. So look for a post production team who is just as good. This team will likely have years of experience and expertise to lock step with you and get creative.  Working together you’ll make video gold.

We use each of these elements every day. And used together we can really tell a compelling story, allowing you to fill the gaps in your current video campaign or start something new that is as dynamic as you want it to be. These elements are high quality, professional and might just save the day. If you are interested in turning to post production during COVID-19 contact Bottle Rocket Media.