Are you an entrepreneur with a thriving business? Are you a marketing professional gearing up to push the limits in your industry? Or maybe you are a startup in need of a different option to promote your business?

Bottle Rocket Media and Trusting Your Video Production Team Blog

Wherever you are in the marketing realm and in developing video content, Bottle Rocket Media is prepared to connect with you to help facilitate the process – we love!  We know first-hand how tough it may be to trust your video production team, because well, it may be unknown territory to you, but making videos is what we do every day. We know trust is the first ingredient to a successful creative partnership, and we are determined to ensure you feel you can trust our team. 

Trust should be earned for sure – we know this to be true! This is why it is imperative to be as prepared as possible as you decide on a video production team to work with on your marketing video. If you are questioning how to be prepared, ask yourself these 3 questions first, do some research on some video production companies near you, select your top 3 and move on to the phase that is the best in building trust. 

Read Reviews

As a conscious consumer and the creative person, you are, and as someone prepared to embark on a creative journey, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into, right? Access to information is available in an instant, so use it to your advantage. Check out what previous clients are saying about your top 3 selected video production companies before you make a decision. You should be able to easily Google the company to see Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and third-party review sites that cater to only video production! Don’t you only want to work with a production company best suited for you? Reviews will definitely help you to do so!

Come With A Vision and Be Open To Feedback

A video production company should be eager to hear your ideas and to share in the experience of creating with you. A professional, experienced, and great video production company should listen to your ideas eagerly and provide realistic feedback on expectations while also being able to expand your ideas beyond what may have been initially anticipated. When you have your first introduction call with a prospective video production company, come with a list of questions and needs so you can walk away knowing whether this team can deliver on both!

Check Out Their Work

Examples are everything! As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding!” This is exceptionally true when it comes to trusting your video production team. A trustworthy video production team should have a diverse portfolio of video content to showcase their skills. The video production team should have demo reels that easily demonstrate their expertise. Keep in mind too, a video production company that has a diverse group of individuals on their team is always a plus – diverse individuals provide various perspectives, which in turn means, more creativity and originality.

When you find trust and talent in your video production team, you are primed to make magic happen.

We are thrilled and especially honored to have hundreds of great reviews and to be ranked highly on reputable review sites:  UpCity, Clutch, and Wimgo. Check us out and know, we want you to make the most informed decision as you choose the team that fits your video vision best!

If you have a video question and are looking to create a branding video, we would love to chat with you about everything from telling a great story to the latest drone technology. From conception to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and our video production services, and most importantly, what we can do for your brand, connect with us here.