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Apple | Ignite Glass Studios Documentary


Apple enlisted Bottle Rocket Media to produce a captivating documentary showcasing the awe-inspiring Ignite Glass Studios located in Chicago. This studio boasts an exceptional facility and hot shop and has a captivating tale to tell. The talented artists and creators working there are a rare breed, all drawn to the magical world of glass. They craft an array of glass pieces daily for clients ranging from museums to restaurants and also run a glassblowing workshop for inner-city kids, introducing them to the wonders of glass. This program has transformed numerous lives and is a testament to the power of glass as an art form.

Our team filmed this incredible story over several days, conducting interviews and capturing beautiful b-roll footage. Apple provided us with an abundance of top-of-the-line equipment, including four iPhone 14 Pros, MacBook Pros, Mac Studios, and the Apple Studio Display.

We captured footage on RED Raptors in 8K Raw formats, with a speed of 120 frames per second. In addition, we also used the iPhone 14 Pros to shoot in Pro Res format. In total, we ended up with over 32TB of footage, an astounding amount of material captured.

Following the shoot, Apple took our exceptional footage and used it in their latest Keynote presentation, which unveiled the new MacBook Pro. Being a part of such an exciting and impactful project was an incredible experience.

Mark Cwiakala
Mark Cwiakala and Dan Fisher