It’s apparent you have to capture the attention of a viewer within a noticeably short timeframe – the expectation now is just 5 seconds! This new reality is incessantly being monitored in the business world, but everyone isn’t adopting the best ways to combat the overwhelm. 

This all means, gone are the days business plans are confined to what seems like an endless number of pages to be presented to potential investors. FYI – Investors are busy too, and like everyone else, they want to be captivated by the differentiator of your business, and quickly. 

Investor Pitch Video

It’s no secret when you are presenting the idea, structure, successes, and future of your business to investors, there is a lot to explore and share. Need a special tip?  

Allow video to do the heavy lifting. Rather than offer documents to be read, or a long-winded presentation where your nerves may take over, rely on long-form video. You can easily introduce founders, the why behind your brand, your target audience, and the data points to prove your growth and profitability. 

Get More Investors

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, SeedInvest, and so many other crowdfunding platforms have reach, and so will you. One of the best things about video is you don’t have to be in attendance to get the views or the investors! Once approved and ready to be shared, your investor pitch video can be viewable privately by limiting it to those with password access only, or you can, of course, publish your video to gain a number of views publicly. The great thing is, it is your choice!

Storytelling With Data

Data has become the business bestie. We all like to see the proof in the pudding. When you are able to represent the experience of your business through tangible numbers and stats, investors will be more likely to muster up a listening ear. Data coupled with the emotional appeal of storytelling and expressing the glory that can only come from your brand story – this is what initiates electronic money (or bitcoin) transfers to take place. 

Data is certainly better-shared when it can be properly designed to ensure optimal understanding. The CFO’s financial section is a beast in these videos. It really is the heart of an investor video. And let’s be honest, your financial team is not your asset when it comes to design, right? Design, (with a capital D) is a vital aspect of communicating the financial story of your brand. When you want something to be understood, don’t just slap numbers on a screen, the information should be finessed – but you should let designers figure that out for you. 

Just think, one financial slide in a Powerpoint could become 5 minutes of content slowly revealed. It’s crucial to show seasoned investors your data points in an easy-to-understand way. 

Control The Narrative

When watching Shark Tank, I am reminded, just how imperative it is for business owners to be prepared, to follow a script, all to be able to anticipate the ideal outcome. Traditional ways of pitching business plans typically leave room for unexpected happenings. This isn’t the case, and shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to video. You certainly have the power to control the narrative as you plan the content of your investor pitch video. From storyboards to scripting, music, audio voiceovers, and motion graphics, you will have an opportunity to make edits and necessary adjustments to achieve your desired outcome. 


How long something should be is a primary focus for most of us. Admit it. When it comes to presentation lengths, pitch lengths, video lengths, and investor pitch video lengths, I bet you are wondering, what is the perfect length? Remember the 5-second rule? Have you heard of an elevator pitch? Both should play an integral part in you creating any form of a pitch. But, keep in mind you can exceed that time frame. The good thing to take note of as you develop your investor pitch video is your final product will be your desired length filled with engaging and informative content. The content and length will be the same for every viewer, unless they rewind, fast forward, or skip to specific chapter segments. Typically though, investor pitch videos or IPO roadshow videos are no longer than 30 mins. 

You Can Include CTAs

People need direction. And clear direction. When you develop your investor pitch video make sure you include direct instruction through a CTA. It could be a button to be clicked. A website to visit. Or a note for next steps. Either way, make sure a prospective viewer knows how to connect with you or invest, and easily. 

You Can Reuse Your Video

Sure, all of the information gathered in your investor pitch video is pertinent and warrants every second to be viewed. The goal is for an investor to watch, and even rewatch your investor video, but an added bonus to having an investor pitch video is the ability to chop content up as needed. When needed you can share in shorter segments on your website, on social media, in emails, and anywhere else that you desire!

Video Is Quality

Visually entertaining, and easily influential. When you deliver appropriate content in an aesthetically pleasing way whether it be interviews, b-roll footage, and/or motion graphics, video has the capacity to display the premier status of your company to investors. 

Having an experienced team to assist in producing your investor pitch video should be a no-brainer. Expect to invest a pretty penny (or 5) to partner with an experienced video production team familiar with the startup investment world and investor video elements. They will be able to steer you in the right direction creatively and content-wise.

An investor pitch video is a big deal but should be a learning opportunity, while also being a fun experience. When you are ready to pitch your business to investors with an investor pitch video, connect with us. From video production services, motion graphics services, or event video production we love video and can talk about it all day long. Start your project and stay inspired to continue your company vision.