As you plan your IPO roadshow, think of it as the beginning of a long-term relationship. Consider it… When you first begin dating someone new, there is that initial fun phase of getting to know them.

You have the opportunity to ask questions geared towards gathering details on one another’s values, desires, and personalities.  Do you mesh well together? With each learned factor, your impression of the other may change.

As a new facet of them is revealed, you either become more invested, or you guessed it, less invested in the person, right? It may seem like an odd comparison, but an IPO roadshow has the same goals. As company executives plan to speak in front of a number of potential investors, the purpose of every meeting is to stir individuals to become connected to the company story, values, desires, and even their personalities.

The IPO roadshow is riding on this. On acquiring interest and, in turn, investors. This article will help break down just how much of a priority it is to build a quality rapport with every engagement you have with a prospective investor.

Now you maybe wondering, in relation to an IPO roadshow, how does video fit in, and is video even important to an IPO roadshow? Let’s tackle it. 

IPO Roadshow Video

Pretty much everyone knows video has captured the attention of practically everyone in almost every industry. As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you know video content has tremendously changed the way businesses communicate with their audience and increase awareness of their brand. So when it comes to the important initiative of building a portfolio of potential investors, using video should most definitely be at the forefront of your mind.

If you don’t believe me, read the top 47 video stats and trends in 2021

IPO roadshow video has some rather crucial elements to ponder when you begin thinking about producing a video(s) for your IPO roadshow. Let’s get into a few points we suggest you examine.

1. Video Messaging & Content Is Consistent

Imagine your executives having to do the same presentation multiple times to a variety of prospective investors. Every presentation will vary based on mood, time of day, environment, and so on.

This leaves room for mistakes to occur, for every prospect to receive a different experience, and most of all, for inconsistency. We can all agree first impressions are lasting, and not being your absolute best at all times for your IPO roadshow could have the potential to lessen your gains. Try avoiding this by having a scripted and still authentic presentation exchange via video. 

2. Video Is Accessible Online or In-Person

The COVID-19 Pandemic certainly caused us all to evaluate connections and business differently. When it comes to current life, in this day and age, accessibility is imperative. No need to miss out on potential investors due to an accessibility issue.

Video provides a non-limiting avenue to convey your story and message in a concise manner while also being viewable by those near and far as long as they have access to a device and wifi. Although not shared publicly, your sponsoring bank leading your IPO effort will be able to share with specific investors and investment groups. A secure video, the bank reps can share easily will be essential to your success. 

3. Your Story Will Be Captivating

Video, in essence, is an entertaining storytelling tool. With access to a variety of features available to tell your story, your IPO roadshow video will be a unique, effective storytelling vessel. You can include interviews, motion graphics, stock footage, and your executives speaking directly to the audience.

Your CFO and banking partner will make sure all of the numbers are a part of your story. This is your time to shine. Just remember, while data counts, so do the underlying (and authentic) why behind your company, so don’t forget to share that as well. 

4. Know Your Target Audience

It is essential to speak directly to your target audience for your message to resonate and guide them through the entire video. Having a sequence of content will be helpful. Consider beginning with an opening promo to set your video’s tone and ensure viewers will stick around until the end.

An IPO video is like a 30-minute talk show, with the obvious goal being to reel your audience in and intrigue them enough to want to watch each segment.

IPO Roadshow Video Segment Suggestions:

  1. Begin with a 60-90 second promo and overview teasing content to follow.

  2. Introduction of business mission and goals.

  3. Tell the story of who you are, the founders and what differentiates you from others.

  4. Customer Testimonials are great. Nothing better than hearing directly from the people that benefit from your product or service.

Special tip: chapter markers are great to include. Making it easy for investors to quickly jump to sections that may merit another look.

It’s time for you to get out there and share your IPO story on the road. Prospective investors are awaiting the opportunity to peel back the layers of your company, scene by scene. Whether online or in-person, an IPO roadshow video makes for a productive experience for you and your investors.

You can bet video will be an automatic hit as your IPO launch moves forward. 

The IPO roadshow journey is yours to take on with a team of video professionals beside you. When you are ready to get your IPO roadshow video project started, connect with a video production team that specializes in all things video. From IPO roadshow videos to video production services, motion graphics services, or event video production we love video and can talk about it all day long. Start your project and stay inspired to continue your company vision.