We should have been asking ourselves this question decades ago.  We should have taken heed when Al Gore raised his hand.  In the ’70s, 80’s, 90, and, well, every day since… Global warming is really starting to take its toll on our planet.

I’m pretty sure we have all seen the shifts in temperatures in the last couple of decades, the seriousness of natural disasters, the near extinction of so many vital animals, and the reduction in the size of the glaciers.

We think it’s safe to say sustainability should be more than a buzzword at your next planning meeting.  It’s time to take action.  You know the old adage…  The best time to plant a tree is now.  And if all we need to do is plant more trees, well that’s easy.  The sustainability movement is more complex and more involved than this.  But if you believe in the cause, it is not hard to find a way to contribute.

How To Incorporate Sustainability In Your Business

It is beyond time for a greater conversation around sustainability in business. Companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Xerox, and Intel have taken the initiative to be the ones to watch in many ways. Investing in their sustainability strategies has become a priority. Take a look at the following: 

  • By 2025, McDonald’s has set to have 100% of its customer packaging come from renewable, recyclable, or certified sources. 
  • Starbucks, as a company, is committing to Carbon Neutral Green Coffee and to conserve water usage in green coffee processing by 50%, all by 2030. 
  • Xerox has a full landing page describing all of their sustainability initiatives including their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint,  the source of their paper, removing toxic chemicals during manufacturing, and on it goes!
  • By 2030, Intel says they will achieve net positive water use, 100% renewable power, zero total waste to landfill, and so much more!

We mention all this to say, all of the above matters a great deal to the longevity of our great planet Earth and to the existence of humanity, but the story needs to be told. 

You may have seen the number of electric car commercials during Super Bowl LVI. There were some creative ways of presenting the idea that you too should be interested in purchasing an electric car, but there seems to be so much more to the story.

With so many companies having the talks and initiating walking the walk, sharing what you are doing through a press release is fine, but let’s be real, this is not aligned with the current trend of digital marketing. 

Why not visually share your story? Similar to a commercial, but with even more depth. Make a poignant stand by using graphics, a spokesperson, or your own team to disclose your sustainability plans and why they are so imperative to not only you but to the world. Make your story innovative with a paneled discussion between leaders, or simply capture behind-the-scenes footage of meetings as you discuss your sustainability plans and successes. People want to hear this story, but they most certainly need to see it. 

As companies continue to equip themselves with resources and plans aiming to reduce their emissions and waste, you do not want to be left in the dust. 

Think about it – some companies are developing manufacturing facilities using solar energy instead of electricity. Others are infusing capital where it matters to accept the all-encompassing reduce-reuse-recycle methodology. 

As you are coordinating your own plans and wanting to figure out if you are on the right path when it comes to sustainability, ask yourself the following questions and consider the stats below!

  • How is your company sustainable? 
  • How are you impacting the environment and society? 
  • How are you lessening your environmental footprint? 

Sooner or later, all of the above will be priority questions from prospective investors, consumers, and even employees.  

According to Forbes, Although 90% of executives think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m surprised 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy in place. I certainly don’t feel like I’ve heard about these strategies. I’m left to wonder, are they effective strategies??

Just to carry the data even further 

Over half of Gen Z’ers say helping the environment is important to them. 

This sounds like proof it would be useful to demonstrate you are carrying your load in the business world. Maybe you should absolutely consider adding your new sustainability strategy to your master marketing efforts.  

Let’s dig in a bit more. Cash flow certainly matters in the business world (in comes Shark Tank investors), but as sustainability initiatives gain momentum, you have got to warrant some thought into being mindful of your strategy. 

When it comes to sustainability, a do-nothing approach can mean a bigger loss in the future. – Forbes

To make an impression on an audience, it is all about being real. Having a solid plan, and telling the story. As a company, you want to stand out. It seems fair to say, it may be clever, smart, and timely to create then embrace telling your sustainability story to your audience. If you are in the beginning phases of telling your story and you are still pondering the value in it for you, read on. 

Sustainability In Business

There is an incredible amount of things to be concerned about when it comes to being a business leader, senior-level employee, or marketer, we get it. The thing is, nowadays, as a business you need to have sustainability plans and you need to market them, share them with the public. So why not create a sustainability video series? Take a look at the below:

  • More investors are now wanting to see sustainability factors and strategies in companies.
  • People want to purchase from companies that are doing good in the community and for the environment.
  • Employees are now requiring a connection to their company. They want to be a part of companies prioritizing others, the environment, and changing the future of the environment positively. 

Are you feeling the sustainability business strategy pressure yet? This is a good thing. Changing with the times as a company, brand, and leader is essential. So, if you are not embarking on developing a structure and planned sustainability strategy, it’s ok, you can get started now. 

Tell your story. Make an impact. Do it visually. Use infographics, data, and video to compel your target audience to see the difference you are making, and why! Just think, you can express the vision of your sustainability strategy in a diverse array of ways via video. Get ready to host a virtual company workshop to share your new ideas on sustainability. Ready? 

Check out different types of videos you can work with. From sustainability strategy videos to video production services, motion graphics services, or event video production, we love video and can talk about it all day long. Start your project and stay inspired to continue your company vision.