How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Details on how to use video to market your business

No one can deny the importance of video marketing in today’s world. Between Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media platform you can think of, people spend one-third of their time online watching videos. On Snapchat alone, users are consuming more than 8 billion videos per day; Facebook users watched over 100 million hours of video in 2016; and almost one-third of all people on the internet are YouTube users. From email marketing and landing pages to promo pieces and social media, now more than ever impressive video content is a must to make sure your voice is heard.

Tell Your Story

Sharing your brand’s story with the consumer has come a long way from the static “About Us” pages packed with a wall of text. While a visitor to your site can get a pretty good idea of what your company is about by perusing the page, text narratives just aren’t as engaging, making it a necessary but often neglected corner of your website. Video content has proven to be an extremely effective tool for storytelling, giving companies the power to present their story with more nuance than ever before, and connect better with your audience by showing them what goes on behind the scenes. Not only can a visually driven version of your company story create engagement and generate leads, it can provide vital face time with potential consumers and help to firmly establish your brand.

Tailor Your Content

If you’re looking for an easier way to delve into the wide world of video, start simple. Most social media platforms have some sort of native video built in, which you can use to your advantage. Be sure to tailor your content to each platform and coordinate the release of new content across multiple platforms at once to help push sharing, clicks, and site visits. Whether you’re livestreaming seminars and Q&A sessions on Facebook Live or responding directly to your followers via Twitter’s 30 second video capabilities, the more you use video to engage with your audience, the deeper connection you’ll be able to forge over time. Eventually you’ll be ready to tackle bigger projects and ideas like motion design, how-to’s and explainers, 360° experience videos, documentaries and more (with the help of an expert video production company, of course).

Educate Your Audience

Explainer videos are a popular outlet in video marketing, and the possibilities are virtually endless. Short, fun, and informative, explainer videos let your company flex its inventive side and show some personality, all while giving your products more context and wider exposure. Internet distractions are a dime a dozen, so the more creatively and quickly you can get your information across, the better. Learn more about how to make a great explainer video here.

Get Inspired

Not sure which direction to go? Take inspiration from the brands who are doing it better than anyone else. Carol’s Cookies uses footage of actual employees baking up a storm to tell the story of how one woman’s recipe became “More Than Just a Cookie…”. It’s fun, it showcases the close-knit feel of a local business, and it reminds you of someone in your own life with a famous family recipe. The iO Comedy Network enlisted the power of 360-degree video to tell their story, and the result is an improv experience that puts the audience front and center. Don’t take our word for it–stellar examples of digital content are everywhere. See how other brands are putting video to work for them in unconventional ways, and don’t forget to have fun!

Whenever you’re ready to tackle your brand’s video marketing journey, Bottle Rocket Media is ready to jump on board with a team of experts in the art of digital storytelling. We can’t wait to help create standout video content to represent your brand. Contact us to get started.

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