The first half of the year is now behind us—wow that was fast. And although we’ve seen a few new trends emerge in marketing, video content continues to dominate.

With the easy access to video technology—thanks in large to better smartphone cameras and mobile video editing apps—the barrier to creating basic video content is almost nonexistent.

So if you haven’t jumped on the video train, there’s still time to take advantage of the power of video marketing in 2018. Here are three video marketing trends that you can incorporate into your digital strategy.

Coming to You Live—The Growth of Live Streaming

We’ve all gotten a notification that a friend or a company we follow has gone live—and yes, we have tuned in. Let’s face it, live content is attractive to users because it feels authentic and personal.

In the last couple years live streaming has spread across nearly every platform from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and beyond. And there’s no sign that it will be a short lived trend. In fact according to recent live streaming data, 81% of online audiences watched more live video content in 2016 than in 2015.

It’s Hip to be Square—Square Video That Is

Traditionally when we think about video we think about landscape or 16:9 aspect ratio. But on social, a better option may have emerged. That’s right, square is in. Not only do square videos (1:1) tend to reach more people, they also tend to result in 80% more engagement on average.

Why? On Facebook, square videos actually take up 78% more real estate than the standard landscape video. That’s huge—and in your face, literally. As mobile video consumption continues to grow, that amount of presence is sure to continue to encourage engagement—especially on Instagram.

Immerse Your Audience—With 360 Video

As we’ve mentioned before, storytelling through video is a powerful marketing tool. And what better way to tell a story than to immerse the user in the experience? After all, we draw from experiences to make decisions. Enter 360 video production.

On average, 360 degree videos tend to drive more engagement and are a great way to encourage users to stay connected with you. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo allow you to upload 360 videos that you can then share across other platforms.

Each of these video trends, if incorporated into your marketing strategy, can help you generate more interactions with your audience. Are ready to tap into the true potential of your online audience? Bottle Rocket Media is happy to help you produce your videos and leverage these trends. Get in touch with us today.