Let’s start by asking, why not choose video content for your marketing plan? I’m sure you have tried various other ways of promoting your business, your brand, or your product. There are blogs and emails, press releases, social media posts, and events, and…the list seems to go on. The truth is that all of the above are great ways to build momentum and create buzz around your business, but video content has become more efficient, and engaging, and leads to a higher return on investment. There are so many benefits of choosing video as your selected means of marketing and promotion. Let’s get to the why so you can feel extremely confident when choosing video!

Video Production Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

We had an extreme 2020, to say the least, and so much had to change quickly! Fortunately, video technology really carried us through the trying times. Now that we are slowly scraping our way back to the other side of the pandemic, video content will continue to lead the pack of influential ways to get your point across. Sure, video production will have to adjust with the times too, relying more on remote production, live streaming, virtual event videos, and so on, but the point is video production isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The choice is yours whether you want to get left behind.

Video Is Improving

Video has consistently gotten better over the decades. Like a fine wine, video production continues to get better with time (I know corny, but it’s true). Crisp pictures are expected. Professional video content is honored. Animation has grown to appeal to a wider audience. Storytelling through visuals, text, and motion graphics has become more of a norm. The ability for a video to be interactive and engaging has increased tremendously with so many more available features. Video content is unforgettable. Video content is timeless. Video content will continue to be a common thread we infuse into our daily lives.

Read the Predictions for Video Production Trends for 2021 by SproutVideo. 

Video Supports Creative Messaging

No matter what you want to convey to your audience, you can do so through video! With so many types of video production options to select from:

  • Explainer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Documentary
  • Promotional
  • Corporate
  • Scripted
  • Short Series
  • 360

Your story can be told using video content, not to mention, whatever means you decide to use to release your message – video can be included in them all. Consider it. Emails are certainly more interesting with a video (or even a gif). So are social media posts, and so are blogs. Video content is much less limiting and can be tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Videos Improve Your Ranking

We hope it doesn’t come as a surprise, but platforms like Google and Facebook prefer video content now, so when algorithms are crawling your website or social feed and a quality video pops up, your rankings are more likely to increase. This means more people are more likely to see your content, which increases the possibility of more people sharing, which in turn increases your visibility and next up…conversions. 

You Get To Tell A Story

As storytelling continues to be the main factor differentiating your message from the other brands in your space, using a tool that caters to the best way to approach your story is essential. A well-crafted video will do this for you.

Read and contemplate the following questions before gaining the support of a professional video production team to help tell your story. 

Once you know your story you can be certain that a quality video production team will help to carry and connect your story to your targeted audience. 

It will be through your efforts alongside a professional video production team that you will be able to identify the right creative approach, the crucial elements to include to get your point across, and the best ways your brand can benefit the most from your video. 

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