We all know that there is no better communication tool than video.  Working with your brand’s identity is no exception. Think about it, with video not only can you communicate your brand’s visual style, but also what it stands for and how its story meshes with your audience.   If you haven’t started using video content to grow your brand, do it now.

At Bottle Rocket Media we understand the power of video because we make powerful videos. We have proven time and again that in a matter of seconds video has the potential to connect with your audience and make an impact.

Your brand identity is defined by how your audience perceives you, and you are the voice of that story. A good video gives you the opportunity to show your audience who your brand is, what it does and why they need it. When a brand awareness strategy is done correctly it can instill a sense of loyalty towards your brand, your products, and your mission. Once you’ve developed a story that attracts and engages your target audience, you will start to see an increase in both brand followers and brand awareness.

People are watching.  What do you want them to see? Here are some ideas on how to build your brand using branded video content.

Create a company video. Get a camera behind the scenes and show how a product is made or what company culture is all about. Consumers love transparency and love feeling like they are part of the team.  Give people a glimpse behind the curtain. Get a little personal, show a little personality and this type of video will be big for your brand.

A great promotional video will capture the attention of your target audience and turn them into leads and ultimately into customers. It is important to invest in the life and success of your brand.  A huge part of that is your promotional video. Learn how to make a great promotional video here.

Explainer videos are an excellent way to communicate your brand identity in an informative and unique way. Explainers are especially effective in communicating complex products, services or concepts that may be otherwise difficult to understand. Check out how Walgreens explained their new workflow philosophy called “Kaizen.” “Kaizen” is a Japanese word meaning “change for the better.” What might have been clunky and complicated was communicated in a clear, succinct manner to the brand’s internal audience.

Seriously consider 360-degree video. Think about it. 360 takes brand audience engagement experience to new heights. And, bonus, using 360 shows that you, as a brand, are willing to do what it takes to keep up with current marketing trends and keep up with the competition for your customers’ attention; like 7-11, WeWork and American Girl did.

Like a good friend, keep showing up. Create a brand awareness strategy and be consistent posting videos with relevant communication. Position your brand as the subject matter expert and thought leader in your industry. Create a bond, build trust. Be sure to keep the visual look and feel uniform across these videos to stay on-brand.

Share your videos everywhere. Maximize exposure on social media. By sharing your branded video content across all social platforms you will increase your brand reach even further.

Video has the potential to tell your brand’s story and show it’s identity with great visual impact. Bottle Rocket Media would love to help you Build Your Brand Using Video.  Get in touch with us today.