People matter. Missions matter, and connecting the dots in a way that makes an impact is what matters most to your audience. Developing content that promotes your cause, your programs and your organization as a whole is imperative to getting the volunteers, the donors, and the overall community support you need. As a nonprofit organization, sometimes content seems like a task too time-consuming to tackle, or maybe you have no idea what would make the most sense for your audience, or the audience you are wanting to attain.

Either way, content should always be a focus of yours, especially video. With the young demographic focused on timely digital content, and the older generation likely to follow – kicking and screaming, you definitely do not want to fall to the wayside and miss the mark in the content world.

Do you need to know where to start? Are you wondering how to master messaging, especially during a pandemic? If you are considering creating video content for your nonprofit, it is essential to ponder the following points.

Define The Purpose Of Your Video

Determine the reason for creating this video. Are you looking to increase awareness? Do you want to engage potential volunteers? Is it important to inform and educate your audience to generate more prospective donors? Having a real handle and understanding of the purpose of your video will create clear lines for what is to come next. 

What Is Your Message & The Best Way To Make An Impact?

Sure, you have a mission statement, and you want to share it with more than just your constituents. So how do you increase your reach? How do you display your mission and message in a meaningful and unforgettable way? Start with your purpose and consider the varying methods of delivery in video form.

  • Use storytelling to express your history 
  • Testimonial videos of staff or service recipients
  • Motion graphics animation to describe the impact of your programming
  • Documentary videos to showcase how donor dollars have empowered participants 
  • Give an insider tour of your space
  • Develop a virtual event to increase awareness and donor contributions

3 Questions To Ask Before Producing A Virtual Event Video

Connect To Your Current And New Audience

It’s always a challenge to maintain the attention of both your current audience and your new audience you are attempting to reach. As you contemplate on the best method to do so, deliberate with your team on combining multiple means and video production methods to attract a new audience. Ensure you select an option that you know your current audience will enjoy and appreciate. You don’t want to lose your loyal supporters. 

Make Multiple Video Clips

Keep in mind, creating different video lengths and clips for different purposes will help in how you promote your content. Shorter versions can go on social media, while longer versions can be accessed via YouTube or even through email campaigns or whatever platform you choose, and whatever length you decide on, make sure your content is intriguing enough and will capture the attention of potential donors and volunteers!

Find Your Video Production Company

There are tons of choices available when it comes to video production companies. It is important to consider the important factors of price, experience, and capabilities, but it is more important to focus on connecting with a company and team that will be just as passionate as you about your mission, purpose, and goals for your video. So do your research. Use Google, get referrals, and check out reviews. All in all, you definitely want to trust the team you decide on. 

Unique content. Clear communications. Creative ideas. Authentic storytelling.

If you have a video question and are looking to create a video to showcase your nonprofit organization we would love to chat with you about everything from telling a great story to the latest drone technology. From conception to delivery, we love this stuff and can talk about it all day long. To learn more about Bottle Rocket Media and what we can do for your organization, connect with us here.