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Kin Insurance | Hurricane Ida

Kin Insurance

In the wake of Hurricane Ida’s devastating impact, Kin Insurance faced a significant challenge and rose above it to help their clients. They wanted to communicate their remarkable response to this natural disaster. 

THE ASK: Create a video that would showcase their response to Hurricane Ida and highlight their commitment to their customers’ well-being. They wanted to spotlight two critical aspects: the use of aerial imagery for rapid damage assessment and their effective communication through SMS channels.

THE CHALLENGE: It was a vast and intricate story that required combining various elements – existing footage, news clips, new interviews, and dynamic motion graphics. The challenge lay in weaving these elements seamlessly to convey the speed at which Kin Insurance operates and how it communicates with its policyholders during a crisis.

THE SOLUTION: We believed that the key to this story’s success was building tension by showcasing the timeline of events, and highlighting Kin Insurance’s resilience in the face of adversity, all through the voice of its people.

We crafted an engaging narrative that began with anticipating Hurricane Ida’s arrival. Through riveting motion graphics, viewers could see the storm’s path and the potential damage it could cause. This set the stage for what was to come, creating anticipation and intrigue.

We used drone footage to depict Kin’s utilization of aerial imagery for rapid damage assessment and how this technology was pivotal in assessing the impact and triaging the response efforts. The aerial view of the affected areas added depth and perspective to the story.

We showcased the effectiveness of Kin Insurance’s SMS triage system through real-time text messages. Viewers could see how policyholders were quickly connected with the right resources and assistance, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer care.

We interviewed Kin Insurance’s executive team to add a personal touch to the story. They spoke passionately about the storm, the company’s response, and the role of technology in ensuring a swift and effective reaction. These interviews were interspersed with news clips that reported the unfolding events, providing credibility and context.

Throughout the video, we maintained a sense of urgency and tension, mirroring the real-time challenges faced during a hurricane. The dynamic motion graphics, combined with the interviews and news clips, created a gripping narrative that kept viewers engaged until the very end.

THE RESULT: This video was a testament to Kin Insurance’s dedication and innovation in the face of a natural disaster. It showcased their ability to leverage technology for the benefit of their policyholders and their unwavering commitment to providing support when needed most. 

Brett Singer
Siobhan Summers